These menus are guidelines to get you started in planning your event.

The appetizers and hors d’ oeuvres are priced upon consultation and range from casual to elegant and offer a wide range of “finger food” to appease just about any palate.

The ala carte selections page is an array of some of our more popular offerings. Other options are available, be sure to consult with Executive Chef Peter regarding customization of menus as these items listed are just a starting point in planning. Say Ciao! hand crafts all our cuisine and most recipes can be fine tuned and adjusted to appease just about any palate or dietary concern; so please ask!

The luncheon and breakfast pages do show pricing for these standardized menus, however, the sample menus listed are priced but with some stipulations as to final pricing, as again, we encourage customization. And don’t miss our soups, stews and casseroles options for those casual meals!

Additional charges apply throughout and are broken down on our additional charges page.



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