Join us for great music, amazing food, local craft beers and ciders and NW wines @ Say Ciao! Check out our calendar, below for great upcoming music!

Music and Event Calendar

            Thursday March 28,  6-8 pm

              Bobby Hines at Say Ciao!

Bobby Hines grew up in Palo Alto CA in the 60s which was a good time for music. “I got my first guitar when I was 11 and took four lessons. I believe the teacher wanted me to learn fingerpicking so we started out on a song called Freight Train. After four lessons I remember coming home with the the books and continuing to study on my own. Falling in love with Beatles music I soon wanted my own electric guitar and four of my classmates to form my first band. First gig I can remember playing was in fifth grade at a talent show in the auditorium. Later on in seventh grade I would play at the high school for Sock Hop. I was introduced to jazz by a very good friend who played much better than I did. He introduced me to players like Joe Pass, West Montgomery, Grant Green, and of course George Benson. I spent many days playing as his rhythm guitar player learning jazz standards and pop songs. Fast forward a few years, and I’m playing different places and up and down the West Coast, with a friend who played keyboards.Anyway living in Portland I played with numerous bands , And I put out my first CD in 1995 called “ Other Worlds Then Ours” And another CD in 2010 called 2 Many Dogs in the Alley. I moved to Vancouver n 2004 and continued playing in a band called Too Wet to Plow before becoming a solo artist”

Friday March 22,  6-8 pm

            The Monty Eldon Show

The Monty Eldon ShowMonty Eldon is a musician that can make any occasion a spectacular event with a huge assortment of various types of music. Acoustic guitar is his specialty and has a vast ability as a songwriter & performer.



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