Catered French dinner

Posted on by Peter Gallin

Putting together a menu for a small dinner late this coming summer for a gentleman who donated dinner for eight guests at his home to be cooked by a French trained chef (me). We’ll be pairing French wines and the guests will be singing French songs to accompany the evening’s fare! Should be a fun night 🙂

 French Dinner 

  • Amuse bouche

Pâte à Choux puffs with parmesan and thyme and baked mushroom caps with almonds and tarragon

  • Appetizer

Seared sea scallops Provençale with yellow and red heirloom tomatoes, parsley and basil served with crostini brushed with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt

  • Soup

French onion soup (per Terry’s recipe)

  • Salad

Baby field green salad with Escoffier’s classic Dijon mustard champagne vinegar vinaigrette

  • Seafood entrĂ©e

Seared halibut with citrus and fennel salad with julienne radishes and warmed cous cous with roasted sweet peppers

  • Sorbet course
  • Pork entrĂ©e

Bacon and goat cheese stuffed pork tenderloin with an apple au jus with herbs d Provence, roasted fingerling potatoes and sugar snap peas

  • Dessert

Artisan cheese plate with fresh fruit and Say Ciao! chocolate truffles- served family style




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